Posted on May 03, 2019


The club has changed the schedule for our community grants awards this year. We will delay the grant awards until fall of 2019 so that we can determine the exact amount of funds we have to distribute. Watch this site for more information.

Win announced the district conference will be May 18 and 19th at the U.S.S Hornet in Alameda. Go to to register.

The fundraiser was a huge success raising approximately $40,000 for Second Harvest and our community grants. Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make it a success. (P.S.  If you have made a pledge or need to pay for a silent auction item remember to turn the money into Michele as soon as you can!)

Keith announced that his party on Cinco de Mayo will be on a cold day so dress warmly. There is not a lot of parking: carpool if you can.


          Sandy introduced Alexy Munishkin who is the Piatt fellow for this year and a graduate of SCHS and UCSC. He spoke about safe navigation of autonomous vehicle (or self-driving vehicles!).  


He studies control for robotic applications.  He explained that the person driving does not have to fully control the vehicle. His work is not limited to any type of vehicle.

          Alexy described a three step process to establish a thing that helps vehicles not to collide. First you develop a mathematical model and do a simulation for both two and then multiple vehicles, then the second step is to test it on a robotic model, then the third step is testing it on real vehicles in a real situation.  Alexy has presented his research at conferences and published in a peer reviewed journal!

          There were a number of questions and a lively discussion followed!