Dear fellow Capapp Rotarians:

Happy Holidays!

For those of you who couldn’t, and otherwise didn’t make our December 14 meeting:

We had lunch at Seascape. We had 24 attendees in person,  with Sue Lawson on zoom.

President Lowry ran the meeting with grace and efficiency

Konstantine was our guest, dressed in a stylish winter trench coat befitting a Northern European Winter.

UTI led off with Jingle Bells followed by the Welcome Song and 4 Way test  song

Dr Art's thought for the day:

No greater mistake is made than doing nothing because you can only do a little.

Well said, that wisdom will have to last a few weeks

Brett Fried attended- we hope he will join- very personable. He also joined us at the wine wander. Also not eligible for Social Security so we like that age group.

Mac Erickson attended.  He has completed his membership application and will join effective January 2024.

Nice to see Stan and Kate!

Jack Hunt, our sergeant at arms, finally did not wear a Cal hat.    Presumably coincidentally, he did a great job as detective, with questions like which came first - the vending machine or double entry accounting?

Sam did not tell a joke, but his Santa Claus baseball cap substituted well.

Club members approved the officer nominees:

  • President 24/25:  Nelson Crandall
  • Secretary 24/25:  Jack Hunt
  • President 25/26:  Julie Lambert
  • Treasurer 25/26:  Lowry Fenton

The Sentinel also published doctor Art’s letter chastising the paper for getting rid of Dilbert, and replacing it with the far less humorous and insightful comic strip, because of one panel that some people found offensive. Author's opinion – a third of the comics  the Sentinel haven’t been funny in years.

Ken was the speaker and told the Readers Digest Speed story of his case against the family of devil worshipping drug dealers from Marin who killed his client’s father in St Croix to get his property and boat, the 7 years it took to get the property back and 20 years it took for the satanic  matriarch to stay confined in prison and the tragicomic events that occurred along the way.  Nobody else had a secretary ever tie herself up and pretend a hit team came to kill her boss?  

We will not be meeting again until January. Happy holidays to all.

We are having our social at Cantine at 530  on Thursday, January 4th