Cap-Aptos Rotarians:

Our February 8 lunch meeting at Seascape had 32 attendees in person- and that was with only 1 guest- our speaker, Sue Lawson also joined us on zoom
Great turnout!- let's keep that up!

Michele brought a gift basket for the crafty! It was full of goodies like candles, chalk paint, incense and wine

Sam did double duty as troubadour and jester- leading us through his Chuck-Berryish versions of the Welcome Song and 4 Way Test song

He read his joke from his phone:  A couple was arguing in public- he got there late and so didn't know whose side he was on.

Lowry led us through the meeting with his usual polish.

Kendra gave an impromptu QR code tutorial, which may become the plot line for the next Geico commercial starring Dr. Rick teaching people how not to turn into their parents, like "Now we're going to learn how to convert a Word Document to PDF"

Becky and Lowry reminded us about the Fundraiser for Treasure Cove
Lowry reminded us about the Speech Contest

Karen was the Detective.
The timely topic was the Superbowl
But she threw us a curveball by announcing that the questions would mostly be "softball questions."  Confusing!

Other than knowing the roman numerals for 58 we did fairly well;
Tickets were starting at $5,000!?  For the cheapest seats?
We are so hip- QR codes notwithstanding- we knew that Reba McIntyre was singing the national anthem and Usher was leading the halftime show.  Was it just me or did halftime take longer than the game?  Or seemed like it....
Rick confessed he was so uninterested in football he did not know which teams were in it. 
Gratefully only 1 Taylor Swift question
Too bad about the outcome of the game.....

Our guest speaker was John Ryan from the Monterey Bay Aquarium
His topic was sounds or marine mammals- mostly whales but also others like dolphins, orcas and seals.
His presentation was a "show and hear and tell" with slides and very cool audios of the different marine mammals.  Whales can be heard for thousands of square miles. He sped some of the songs up so we could discern the rhythm and "melody" easier.  He explained how the technology for listening and identifying the animals works, the "highways" the migrating whales use and how their feeding and travel patterns are driven by winds and upwelling.  Whale pods have their own songs which change over time, and sometimes are shared with other pods.  Humans have not been able to translate the songs.

He also spoke about the need to protect whales.  Worst is the Southern hemisphere blue whale population is down to 1%. While some improvements have been made in whale populations since whale hunting stopped in the late 20th century, many whales are still being killed by shipstrikes.    Efforts to slow that are underway- curious that despite their incredible senses they don't duck all the way under approaching ships...

Michele won the raffle!

Line of the day-
Y'all may have noticed that we got an un-predicted rainfall in the middle of lunch- also drenched some of the golfers.
As Dr. Art and I walked out into the rain with Stan Abrams, I asked Stan, "Don't you have some pull with a higher power about these things?" and he said
"You mean my wife?"

See everyone Thursday!