Dear Rotarians:

Our October 12 meeting was held just in time to avoid Friday the 13th
We had dinner and no-host wine and bubbles at Fairfield Inn
22 attendees in person

Michele brought 2 guests, Zoe Carter-a visiting  Rotarian and head of the Santa Cruz County Business Council, and  Tracey Weiss from O’Neill Odyssey.  Tracey spoke to us awhile ago- they are both brilliant and charming like Michele and we were lobbying to make them members....

Al rocked us through the Welcome Song- our visitors were impressed.
Side note from the author- 2 of my neighbors heard I was in our Rotary and asked me if we still had that "amazing keyboard player."  YES WE DO.  They also said they'd been to several Rotary and other club meetings, outs was by far the most fun.  Great- spread the word!!

Lowry ran the meeting with his great  mix of good humor and efficiency.  There were several announcements about upcoming events which are on our website-
Pickleball tournament, Street Cleanup and Pumpkin painting

The name for the all-access park at Jade Street has been chosen-Treasure Cove
We are having a evening meeting Thursday  November 2nd at Cantine - details tbd
Trinity, the Interact Club President at Aptos, came in her tennis outfit having just won her match, talked about RYLA, and said she has been to other rotary clubs but now likes ours best (of course?).
We also had two RYLA speakers from Soquel Gabriella Huddelston and Hannah Heitmeyer who spoke and had a power point (like a slide show?). 
They loved the experience and described their time at RYLA as being an encapsulated environment of love, support and empathy where they were taught to be a leader now and beyond, and where they experienced personal development and made personal connections they hope will last far into the future.
They showed a video of the event which is so good it is being used nationally to promote RYLA

Our guest speaker was our state assemblywoman Dawn Addis, who came with her assistant Alexis Garica- Arrazola. Dawn is a former teacher from SLO.   She has her MA in special Ed. She is a Rotarian in Los Osos and she spoke about how she tries to incorporate our motto of "service above self" in her work- its her job, assisted by her staff, to help people in need.  Her district starts at about Santa Cruz Harbor and goes down to SLO County, 3 counties and 15 cities. 
She gave examples such as helping people get EDD, working to get the Capitola Rec Center completed, the recent effort to get the just-signed bill to expedite relief for the Pajaro River flood victims.

Dawn is very approachable, very dedicated to her work and obviously working to help her constituents, which include us, in a wide variety of issues. 

Our next meeting is Thursday October 18 at Seascape

Let's have a good turnout!