Dear Cap-Ap Rotarians:
Our October 19 meeting was lunch at Seascape.  We had 20 attendees in person.
Pam ran the meeting- smooth as silk.
She brought her childhood friend Art Stein from Los Altos as a guest. 
Dr. Art’s thought was a quote from Dr. King: along the way we must learn that there is nothing greater than doing something for others.
Sam and Rich rocked us out on the Welcome Song and 4 Way Test. 
Konstantin added some rousing tableware percussion-it seems we now have  Ginger Baker to Sam’s Eric Clapton and Rich’s Jack Bruce.  Maybe a Rotary song set to Sunshine of Your Love? 
Logistics suggestion- Kelly should have a seat reserved by the loudspeaker

Doug and Bill are our foundation chairs for Rotary International
We routinely get 100% contribution from our members.  The rumor that “Boston” Bill Whitmer was Whitey Bulger’s inside muscle has not been confirmed but it does  help with collections. 
Lowry had some announcements which are on the website and in his emails, but, as fast as your author could type between bites of lunch:
The first meeting of the month will be an evening social- nothing structured, just getting together to enjoy the company of our wonderful group and friends
When we have 5 Thursdays in a month the last one will be a service day
We are having our next social at 530 on November 2at Cantine on the West side of Aptos Village near Starbucks.  It’s  a charming venue with a great selection of wines and beers and lots of choices for hors d’ouvres.
Laura announced that we had a great signup for the pickleball tournament for the benefit of Cabrillo Veterans.  (It will still be called Cabrillo for at least the next 5 years-Keep lobbying for Wettstein U)
Nelson reminded us of the litter cleanup on Park Ave. to stop trash from washing into New Brighton Beach 
The pumpkin painting is 10/28 2-4 also announcing new name of Park Treasure Cove 
11/9 service day loaves and fishes  at 105 Second St Watsonville- 9 am start to  1130  then lunch
Our guest speaker was Orrin Mahoney who is the district chair for Rotary International.
Before he spoke he gave out Paul Harris awards to Doug and Kelly, after figuring out that Lowry was not Kelly.
Congrats and thanks to Dough and Kelly!
Bill was the Detective
Since one of Rotary International’s missions is the eradication of Polio he asked about and educated us about polio, and raised money via fines. 
Some of the facts: there have been 2.5 billion polio vaccines administered; there are 2 countries with wild polio- Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The cases are in the mountain range between those two countries.  In a sign of progress, Pakistan has made it illegal to refuse the vaccine and the Taliban is actually cooperating with vaccinations.
Our guest speaker Orrin Mahoney has quite a resume-Carnegie Mellon,  Stanford, management at HP and mayor of Cupertino, as well as decades of service in Rotary and Rotary International.
He had a power point presentation and spoke about Rotary International’s 7 areas of focus, structure, financing and activities.
He said that our district very generous, donating $2.5 million. 
His power point showed a number of RI projects including a women’s shelter in Puerto Rico,  water purification and an oxygen generator in Ethiopia, Cleft palate and eyecare, in India
Three basic elements of RI’s financing are the annual fund, the polio fund and endowments. Owen explained Explains DDF district designated funds and Global grants 
The Gates foundation matches RI’s donations 2-1. Dr. Dover has donated $1 million considering that.
Dr Art also has earned the RI triple crown for his donations- standing ovation please for Dr. Art!!!
Our next meeting is 10/26 noon at Seascape.  Nelson will be our in-house guest speaker- the subject will be Harper’s Ferry.
The foundation board meets at Seascape at 1045- all members are welcome.
Let’s make this a great turnout!!