Fellow and Female Capitola Aptos Rotarians:

For the many of you who missed it:

Our 10/6 meeting was lunch at Seascape.

Pam led us with her iconic charm and organizational efficiency.

We had 18 attendees- folks- please show up!!!

Dr. Art was absent so we were thoughtless.

Sam was there but no (intentional) joke so we were also humorless.

But what we missed in those we made up for musically: With Rich McAdams on bass and Sam on lead guitar, listeners on the Seascape porch could not have been faulted for thinking Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton were having a Cream revival show, though not sure if Cream ever played the Welcome Song or 4-Way Test song.  Maybe we can adapt one of those to Sunshine of Your Love?

Nice to see Kate!!!
Kate told us there's a free symphony audience social picnic at Paradise Park (off Hwy 9) on October 13 from 4-6.   Meet other music lovers, enjoy food, and learn about the upcoming season from Maestro Daniel Stewart.

We are volunteering at Loves and Fishes Nov. 9 at 9am- Dr. Art is coordinating,

Win was the detective.  He denied it but his questions about Fall seemed taken from one of his wife's elementary school quizzes.
A few things that we learned - pumpkins are native to South America, the Egyptians were the first to use scarecrows
Win had great questions but might want to study up on the names of our members.....

Our guest speaker was Kristen Brown, the Vice mayor of Capitola.
She is quite a good speaker and handled the crowd well.
She is a 4th generation local and is now running for the seat that Zach Friend is vacating.  But she didn't do any campaigning.  She gave a very informative presentation on the many projects going on in Capitola.

Thanks to a concerted effort by many and $10million in funding,  the Capitola wharf rebuild is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2024- weather etc permitting.  The renovations include widening the wharf and adding new concrete coated fiberglass pilings. Kristen diplomatically handled questions about the Coastal Commission's role.   

Kristen also reported that the library was completed, the roadworks in progress include a pedestrian overpass at Chanticleer, and auxiliary lanes; Santa Cruz Metro is adapting its routes to accommodate the changes in ridership and is purchasing about 60 hydrogen powered buses.  Nelson volunteered that he rode the bus recently and greatly enjoyed it.  He lied about his age to get the senior discount though...

The name of the all-access park at Jade Street has been selected- Treasure Cove.  Pam noted that Leo's Haven is already crowded so there's already a need for additional facilities.

Rick Klevins won the raffle but wasn't in attendance to collect
Our next  meeting is Thursday at Fairfield.  The meeting starts at 5- bring beverages.  Dinner starts at 530.  At 6 our RYLA members will give presentations and at 630 Assembly member Dawn Addis will be our guest speaker.  We are greatly looking forward to hearing from our leaders of tomorrow and today.