Our September 15 lunch meeting was at Seascape, which is noteworthy because owing to a recent conflagration alternate venues are in short supply.
We had 22 members in person, Jimmy and Sue on zoom.

Kendra presided and has glided into the role with far more class and ease than her predecessor (says the IPP, not referring to previous CPOM!).

Dr. Art, consensus nominee for Man of the Year (write-in for Man of the Decade) gave the thought for the day: to do well in old age we have to start early.  Not sure what that means but your author started drinking at 16 and hopes that counts.

It was also Dr Art's anniversary, so much to celebrate.

Al played the Welcome Song on his portable keyboard because apparently the space occupied by upright piano intrudes on the maximum occupancy of the porch, hence it once again was somewhere else.  Al's rendition was, as usual, rousing and celebratory.
We had a teasing moment of Kelly's keyboard skills as well, as he tickled the ivories with a few chords of Louie Louie.  He was not asked why, when given the opportunity to expose  his largesse as a pianist, he chose such a short piece.

Dr. Art increased  his Renaissance Man cred by also being the detective.  Noting that our club is white as homogenized milk, and no doubt drawing from his days in Chicago, Dr. Art asked the club members to name dead black female singers.  The members knew many.
Perhaps we could add a song from Billie Holliday,  Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Bessie Smith or Tammi Terrel in addition to (instead of?) the 4 Way test song?  Sam, Al, Kelly?

By informal consensus there will be walks/hikes through Nisene Marks Park leaving from Ken's house on the mornings of Oct. 9 and 30.  The walks will be followed by re-hydration at Ken's house.  Ken will supply the hydrants, participants are asked to donate generously to Rotary.
Start time will be 10ish.  Length will depend on the abilities of the attendees. More details will be worked out as folks commit.

There were 7 birthdays- leading to the question, what happened in 40-70 years ago on January 15?  The Super Bowl used to be played in the 2d-3d week in January until about 1979, but otherwise.....?

Bill Witmer brought pledge cards for the Rotary Funds- everyone make sure to donate- thanks to Bill's strong-arming/persuasion/charm (not his uncanny resemblance to fellow Bostonian White Bulger) we have been at100% participation for years.  Better contribute if you know what is good for you.

Michele bought us up to speed on the Second Harvest Willy Roast: We need sponsors and auction items. The event is likely to sell out so get your tickets now.

Next Saturday (Sept. 24)  will be busy: beach cleanup at Rio Del Mar at 10 am and a Happy Hour at  Michele’s house in Keith’s honor 4-7.  This is not an either/or.

Oct 27 will also be busy: the District Governor will be visiting and we understand taking a kinder and gentler approach to motivation and leadership We will also have a Board meeting and a Foundation meeting.

Kendra advised that Santa Cruz Rotary is celebrating its 100 year anniversary with a gala in the evening of 10/22, and Freedom Rotary is holding their fundraiser called Uncork Corralitos at Aladdin Nursery earlier that same day.   (Lack of coordination perhaps?!)  Uncork Corralitos venue is right next to El Vaquero winery.  Contact Kendra about tickets and wearing tuxedos to the grand event at the nursery, or call the Rudy  Giuliani campaign....    (DG Savita and other 5170 leadership will be attending both, and will wear their black tie attire to the nursery then continue onto Coconut Grove for the Centennial Gala!) 

Our guest speaker was Sierra Schneider, head of the UCSC science internship program.   Her presentation on zoom was informative and inspirational.
The program has been in existence for 14 years and is  now in all 5 divisions at UCSC: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, hence the acronym STEAM.
CrEst is an umbrella organization overseeing several programs and initiatives driven by parents and alums and which seeks to increase opportunities for careers in research and increase diversity in research and are particularly interested in opening opportunities to students from other areas.  Unfortunately, locally, the lack of in-person programs during Covid has severely curtailed participation from students from Watsonville.

Their flagship program is a ten week summer class which places high school students into research labs at UCSC.
Sierra commented that we have recently been beset by two pandemics: one of disease, the other of disinformation.  Teaching students how to learn and research (literally searching again and again) to ascertain the truth is a way to defeat both.
They try to demystify science, as Sierra said, by "pulling back the curtain" and "dipping ones toe" into science.
Remarkably, all students in the program have gone to college.

One of the programs that CrEST sponsors is  Shadow the Scientists, where students literally follow scientists around to learn how do science correctly.  Covid has forced all of those relationships to be remote, but they are still successful.
Others include: "Pajama mode" astronomy where students learn and follow astronomy on-line;  Python and research in computer language tutorial where students learn how to use Python programming to do research; ReComBio which teaches programming for bio research and We Are Stardust which teaches the ways of native sky watchers as well as scientific ways of learning, Global SPHERE network including  Harvard, Cal and  AMNH  Peer to peer-alumni at various colleges, workplaces and alum parents.

Our next meeting, and all of those in the near future, will be at Seascape until further notice.

Hope to see everyone there then!