About 20 people attended our September 16th zoom lunch meeting.

Welcome New member Lowry Fenton!!!! Another Stanford alum!  For those not paying attention, athletes from Lowry’s alma mater won 24 Olympic medals in Tokyo- 23 by women….a guy won a bronze in fencing.

Michele Bassi passed along a reminder all about this Friday’s 2d Harvest food distribution at the fairgrounds 830 am-1 pm: we hope to have a strong turnout.



Michele also asked to pass along that she is leaving Santa Cruz County Bank to take a job at First Capital at their office on Soquel near Dominican Hospital.  Congratulations to Michele and First Capital!

A gold star to Mardi for attending from Peru again.

Al couldn’t make it but passed along the announcement, confirmed by Dr. Art, that he and Dr. Art would match up to $1,000 for what the club can raise for the wheelchair project.  Thanks gentlemen!

Dr. Art presented the thought for the day and President Ken told the joke for the day.

Doug Deaver celebrated a birthday.  Decorum prohibits publicly announcing the number of years but he clearly looks and acts far younger.

Matt was the detective  and focused on historical events around September 15-16, including the declarations of independence of 5 South American countries, which surprisingly, nobody could name (?).  History lesson appreciated Matt.

President Ken did know that Todd Rundgren is opting out of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  If you like old school rock and roll with great harmonies listen to his first album with his band Nazz-self-titled “ Nazz.”

Our guest speakers were Kathleen Ashton and Kiersten Elzy-Loving  from the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History.  Anissa introduced them and was lauded for her family’s support of the museum by Museum board member JM Brown.  The speakers talked about and presented a slide show of the history of the museum and some of its exhibits.  The talk and photos were very informative and Kathleen and Kiersten are engaging and fun.  Santa Cruz is a treasure trove of fossils from 3 distinct geological eras.  No jokes allowed comparing the ages of club members.  The museum is an under-appreciated resource and club members are urged to spread the word about it and support it.

In that vein, there was much enthusiasm for a club field trip to the museum once the club decides (based on medical advice) that in person gatherings are safe enough.