The Hub
September 8, 2022
Our September 8, 2022 meeting was at Seascape Golf Course ran by El Presidente Laura and El Presidente Kendra ran the technology in Secretary Nelson's sted (we wish him a negative Covid test and good health!). 
Today we had a Fisher Scholarship recipient, Andrew Morrissey come to the club today to give us an update on his plans after Cabrillo to attend Colorado School of Mines. 
Andrew was familiar to us as he participated in our Aptos High Interact Club and the Richard King Speech Contest! 
Andrew (center) pictured with President Laura Grinder (R) and Capitola-Aptos Rotary Foundation's Al DeCamara (L) 
Michele Bassi was Detective for the day standing in for Anissa who had some car trouble en route to Rotary. Michele executed the detective (with credit to Anissa for her idea and plans shared!)  short, sweet and very on topic!  We went table to table and she fined the longest married at each table, and everyone over 20 years had to pay an abbreviated fine!  
Then our speaker for the day was Sherry Cassedy to talk about Marriage and her new book called Marriage Unveiled.

Sherry Cassedy is a family lawyer, mediator and private judge. She has practiced family law
and mediation for over 35 years in Palo Alto. She has also taught Theology of Marriage at
Santa Clara University, and led marriage preparation and support groups as well as
officiating at weddings. Sherry has been married to her college sweetheart for over 40
years, now living here in Santa Cruz. Drawing on all of her personal and professional
experience with marriage from every angle, Sherry has recently published her first book,
Marriage Unveiled; the Promise, Passion and Pitfalls of Imperfectly Ever After.

Author Sherry Cassedy