We started a New Year wishing you all the best and we invite you to share Rotary with a friend.
Our Club's Monthly Happy Hour is this January 11th, meeting starts 5pm at Cantine Wine Pub located at 8050 Soquel Drive, Aptos CA 95003.  We invite you to get together socially for a casual talk with new members.  Red Badge Wednesday Happy Hour also give potential Rotary members/curious lurkers(!) a chance to ask questions about what Rotary is! Also what's a "red badge" or a "blue badge" in Rotary mean? Or what's a "Paul Harris"? We will divulge all of those Rotary secrets!
Next Monday January 23rd get ready for the Rotary Community Service Social Event
Meet with us at the Hideout 9051 Soquel Dr, Aptos at 5:30pm. Please join us to meet Capitola-Aptos Rotary members and learn about our community projects. Enjoy no-host beverages at the Hideout Cocktails and Dining. We will be at the table in the back. We've served Santa Cruz County for 58years, providing opportunities for connection, community service and leadership. We are part of Rotary International, a global network of 1.4 million neighbors, friends, leaders and problem solvers where people unite and take action. All are welcome to attend, for more information see www.capitolaaptosrotary.org or contact co-president elect lowry.fenton@gmail.com 
Incoming news came last week from our Co-President elect Lowry Fenton who visited the Rotary Club Budapest-City, District 1911-Hungary. Welcome back Lowry and thank you for sharing your traveling journey with us.
The best of 2022 were the memories we share with many of you and we are thankful as well for the greetings and letters we have received during the last few weeks! Thanks to our friends from Loaves and Fishes, Grey Bears, Santa Cruz Symphony, For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay, Literacy Program. In this New year we look forward to continue doing what we do best, to continue supporting our community, being of service and extending our fellowship with others who would love to join Rotary and our Club. We look forward to see you in our next event!